BAGG Whitepaper

BAGG Ecosystem

Online eSports Battleground (Onslaught Battleground)

  • Decentralizing esports by combining GameFi and eSports
  • Token-powered tournament events with top-performing teams from major GameFi ecosystems

Offline Physical Battleground

  • Physical gaming venues and partner outlets hosting professional esports tournaments
  • Equipped with web2 & web3 games launcher for users to play and earn credits

BAGG Launcher

  • Helping independent game developers raise funds through pre-selling unique game assets in the form of NFTs
  • Semi-launchpad for KOLs to generate and sell their NFTs and social tokens

KOL Campaign Manager

  • Access to eSports & GameFi KOLs for GameFi projects and brands
  • Bidding system and escrow system to ensure campaign goals and KPIs are met

The BAGG Hub (Community Hub)

  • dApp connecting all stakeholders in the BAGG platform
  • Features: GameFi/eSports Analytics, Community Rewards, Digital Asset Marketplace, Events & Experiences

Gaming Guild

  • Investing in game assets and leasing to gamers
  • Educating and training players to join the world of GameFi

BAGG Treasury

  • Funds utilized for the benefit of BAGG and value generated passed on to $BAGG holders

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

  • Opportunity for stakeholders to share opinions and shape direction of BAGG platform and ecosystem funds
  • Voting rights issued in the form of $BAGG tokens.